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Electric Car Charging Station Installation Mt Brydges, Ontario

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We have experience installing all types of charging stations!

Reliable EV Charging Services

We work with homeowners and businesses in Mt Brydges, Ontario and surrounding areas to provide the most cost-effective and long-lasting electric vehicle charging solutions. Whether you’re looking to install an electric charger at home or in a parking lot, we will ensure that the charging station is up to electrical code and installed properly.  Like all electrical appliances, if not installed properly, a car charging station is potentially dangerous. This is why it is important to hire licensed electricians to install your electric car charging stations. Our electricians at Waring Electric will be able to ensure that there is an adequate electrical supply and that there are no problems with the charging station itself, keeping everyone safe. 

Residential Electric Car Charging Stations

We make sure your home's electrical system can properly handle the power needed for E.V. chargers before installation, ensuring your electrical system stays in good condition.

Commercial Electric Car Charging Stations

We install compact and efficient E.V. charging stations for parking lots of any size.

Charge Your Electric Car With An EV Charger

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Our electricians are fully insured and licensed to provide outstanding service for all your electrical needs.
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