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Whether you’re upgrading an electrical panel or simply installing a modern lighting system, Waring Electric is here for you.


Timing is everything. If you need a commercial electric contractor for your next project or emergency electric maintenance look no further.


Nothing affected modern industries like electricity. Our electric contractors fully understand the nightmare that follows a power failure.

About Us

Waring Electric is a veteran owned and operated business in London, Ontario, that seeks to provide clients with the absolute best in quality and service. We offer advice, maintenance, repairs, and installation to provide peace of mind and durable solutions for home and business owners.

Look to waring electric for your answers to electrical advice, maintenance and repairs. Josh waring and team are professional, ethical and go above and beyond in the work they complete. This electrical company is veteran owned and operated. congratulations Josh on opening your own electrical company, all those hard years of work have paid off.

Hope Jacobs